6 Popular Interior Decoration Themes You Should Know About

Your home is a perfect reflection of your personal style. There are a plethora of interior decoration themes that cater to our preferences. Be it the eclectic Bohemian theme or the subtle minimalist setting, there are different types of style that speak to your soul. For all those people looking to remodel their homes, here are the most popular interior decoration themes.

1. Modern

Modern is all about going highlighting clutter free entails. Asymmetry is highly celebrated and clean lines in the architecture are much preferred. Instead of using too many small accessories, the modern theme uses big paintings to complement the open wall space. Open floor plans are common to achieve a sense of being in large space. Small apartments or houses with a serious space crunch use this particular decor to make the place look larger.

Common Color: Muted colors like beige, light browns and even grays are used for the modern theme. Bright colors are used to add accent to the walls.

Common Furniture: The furniture is simple and over embellishments is a big no-no.

2. Contemporary

Often used interchangeably with modern styles, contemporary is whole different interpretation. While the modern design is a representation of a movement that started in the 20th century, contemporary is a fluid design that doesn’t adhere to any particular style. For the latter, the significance is paid to adding a fresh and natural look to space. The focus is always on lines, forms and shapes. In fact, contemporary is always identified by its sleek and muted features minus any kind of extravagance. Materials play a more important part than colors.

Common Colors: Color is not the focal point in a contemporary setting. As long as the shades bring depth and variety to the interior, it is good to go.

Common Furniture: Furniture with a slim silhouette is the trademark of contemporary décor. Light colored woods with clean lines are common.

3. Minimalist

“Less is more” is the motto used for the minimalist lifestyle, and the décor is just a reflection of the same. According to Houston remodeling contractors, this theme has gained momentum during the last few months. The movement is all about cutting down the excess with minimum furniture and minimum accessories. The idea is to declutter life and reduce attachment to materials. Having less furniture in a room achieves the sense of abundance space, which is the key feature of the minimalist theme.

Common Color: White is predominant in this particular theme. Monochromes and grays are used to achieve a sense of accents.

Common Furniture: Furniture used is the bare minimum and have neat designs. Plants are common in a minimalist setting.

4. Traditional

Elegant, balanced and symmetrical are some of the most common adjectives associated with the traditional theme. This type of decor is all about providing warmth and comfort using subtle colors and designs. The furniture is used in abundance. Accessories play an important role in adding to the charm of the traditional theme. Heavy curtains, accent pieces, candle stands, vases, sculptures and mirrors play a major role in adding to the balanced look of this decor.

Common Color: A natural palette consisting of colors like beige, taupe and cream are popular. Darker shades are used at times to add accent.

Common Furniture: Dark colored wooden furniture with detailed work, carved moldings and soft edges are common. Maple, oak, cherry and mahogany lend to the elegance.

5. Bohemian

A Bohemian interior is associated mostly with bright hues and eclectic patterns. Every Bohemian setup might look similar but are completely different from each other. Much of this motif is about the unconventional use of accessories. To get the perfect Boho theme, layering is a must. For an interesting finish, elements from a different era and different country can be used. Add as many fabrics, colors and patterns to the mix; this theme has no priority as long as it all looks very vivid and vibrant.

Common Colors: The Boho palette is dazzling with a wide range of colors. Combining the different spectrum casts the maximum charm.

Common Furniture: The furniture should possess a tribal vibe. Vintage furniture goes best with this theme.

6. Industrial

Drawing inspiration from an urban loft, the theme industrial has an unfinished rawness about it. This trend came to light as old warehouses started getting converted into lofts and studio apartments. Unfinished bricked walls, an open floor plan, bare windows, exposed ductwork and wood works are extremely common for this particular theme. High ceilings, dangling metal fixtures and old timber are also regular for the industrial decoration theme. You can either keep the walls neutral or add a splash of color here and there. The floor is usually polished concrete to anchor the whole look together.

Common colors: Lots of browns and grays. Primary colors are often replaced with darker shades of gray, blue and red to compliment the setup.

Common Furniture: Tin, steel, aluminum and iron are dominant for this theme. Lighting fixtures usually come in metal finish. Wood and concrete are also used.

Remodeling your home should be easy with a particular vision and the kind of theme you want. Home is truly where the heart and soul is! So pick the decoration theme you like the most, hire reputed Houston remodeling contractors and make your home the reflection of your imagination.

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Alternative Energy Ideas That Will Help You Leave a Green Footprint

There are a number of Alternative energy ideas that will help you leave a green footprint on planet Earth. These ideas will help you save money on your electricity or heating bill. Some of these alternative energy ideas can help you to live off the grid.

It is important to understand how alternative energy systems are different from green energy systems and how they are the same. Alternative sources of power sometimes use systems that might not leave a green foot print. Some green power creation systems are already in use and are not alternative power production systems. These various systems can save you money on your electricity and heating bill.

Alternative Energy Systems

Solar Power

Solar power is created by harnessing the light from the Sun and creating electricity. Solar energy is also used to created heating systems that provide hot water and systems that keep your home warm during the cold times of the year

Water Driven Systems That Produce Electricity

These green energy systems require access to running water such as a stream in your backyard. These systems will produce hydro power and it is reliant on the flow volume of the water that moves through the turbines that generate the electricity There will be an initial investment need to cover the cost of the system that generate electricity and how this power is hooked up the electrical grid connected to your home or place business.

Production of Electricity Using Wind Power

This type of alternative energy setup uses the power of wind to produce electricity and could be considered a green energy alternative. However you will need to live in an area that receives an above average amount of wind. Also there will be an initial investment in the construction of a system that can drive a generator using the wind creating electricity and storing it for future use.

Green Energy

Technically this is the type of energy produced from sunlight, wind, rain, tidal flow, gravity, organic matter and geothermal heat. This type of energy replenished with relying on finite energy sources such as oil and natural gas.

Many Alternative Energy Sources Are Not Green.

Although alternative energy can provide clean energy they may still require fossil fuels as they are often connected to the electrical grid. the electricity produced in most homes relies on fossil fuel. nuclear power and hydro-electric dams. These all can have or do have an adverse affect on the environment.

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Best Statement Gems for Your Home & Business!

Are you looking for the best chandelier to create the right ambiance in your room?

Have you been searching for quite some time without any success?

Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, then chandeliers can be the best option by your side.

Beaded chandeliers are one of the best options in lighting if you are looking for maximum luminous intensity. The best part of these chandeliers is their elegance and aesthetics that can answer everyone’s questions in lights.

Why Should You Consider Ceiling Chandeliers?

Ceiling Chandeliers can be incorporated in almost of the interior home, whether your home has a more rustic, and elegant look. From the different beaded chandeliers, wood-based chandeliers look just as good in a bedroom or nursery as they do flaccid in the living room or above the dining table. Plus, they look just as good when they’re off as they do when they’re on, making them the perfect summer lighting showpiece

Which Questions Are Worthy To Consider Before Buying Beaded Chandeliers?

Q. How much light do you require?

It’s always worthy of looking answer for which light will brighten my room or business with a perfect classical chandelier. Many professionals suggest for beaded chandeliers that have a small opening from different sides, helping people with ideal lighting options to each corner of the home. After getting an answer to which lights can help you with maximum luminous intensity, customers should seek professional advice for how much light can be better to brighten your room.

Q. What’s your Ceiling height?

Many chandeliers hang low, especially if they’re an empire shape or two-tiered. For lower ceilings, they work best hung in a stairwell or over tables, islands & beds. Higher limits allow for more options.

Q. What are your table dimensions?

As with any light fixture, it’s essential to get the scale over your table right. A good rule of thumb is to hang it 30-34″ above the tabletop for standard height ceilings, and it should allow for at least 6″ of space from each edge.

Q. How much do you want to spend?

Chandeliers are one of the best options to improve the aesthetics of your home. Most beads are hand-strung and a big part of the light is put together manually too. To save, look for options where the pellets aren’t made from semi-precious stones and the finish is painted instead of a higher-cost material like antique nickel or brass. These factors will save you substantially.

Final Take Away

Hence, for people with a tight budget, it is better to look for beaded chandeliers. They are not cheap, but you will still be able to find something according to your budget constraints. So, keep all these things in mind, learn something more about the available types, and choose a perfect chandelier to brighten up your home.

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