What to Know Before Hiring an Handyman

It is not easy to hire a handyman and most people have bad experiences with such workers. There are lots of negative things about them like they do not show up, do not call back and they commit to do the work only to let their employers down.

On the other hand, there are many people who are happy about hiring these guys who do the small jobs around the house. So, when it comes to poor communication, is it the fault of the handyman or homeowner? Most probably, it is a little of both. It is best to look into the relationship between the two parties to find out the way to remedy the situation.

First of all, it is important to know what a handyman really is or is not.

Definition of Handyman

It is not that simple to define handyman as a profession. It may be right to say that a handyman is a person who is paid for his repairing services but this may not be too helpful. However, if a handyman’s work is defined by the specific skills he should have, this will be all the more confusing.

This is since every skill that is added to the list of requirements such as electrical repairs, locksmithing, plumbing and tile work, among others, would remove a multitude of handymen. Then, if the job that a handyman would accept was more specific like paint a house, paint a wall or paint the Sistine Chapel, this would eliminate more handymen with every additional job scope.

Perhaps it would be better to let the workers define the meaning of handyman though this will not work either. Some people consider themselves as handymen and small-job professionals though, the truth is, they are tradesmen who look for big jobs but might as well accept small jobs when what they are looking for is scarce. This may or may not be honest but any one is free to work in order to survive. However, are they handymen in the real sense of the word?

Job of a Handyman

Certainly, a handyman’s skills do not define who he is.

Handymen are not multitalented workers.They come from different walks of life, with all kinds of interesting practices. Some of them have a trading background with carpentry or construction skills. Others are plumbers and electricians but only a few of them since licensed and unionized professionals usually make more money. Still, others are appliance repairmen, roofers or tile installers who, as earlier mentioned, accept handy-work from referrals or present customers during lean times.

Yet, not all handymen are from the trades or skilled in crafts. A number of them are honest to goodness hard-working individuals who are contented to get paid for a day’s work. They will do anything for a buck like rake leaves or clean out a basement. Some may just have a few skills but want to learn to become freelance apprentices. They get on-the-job training and just charge considerably low rates for the chance to learn more as they work on a home.

Skills of a Handyman

In truth, the skills of a handyman are defined by the specific job he can do. Actually, this worker has no standard profile so each has his own ability and capability. A roofer handyman, for instance, can clean gutters or replace a door lock efficiently but he cannot dispose garbage and clean toilets. A carpenter handyman will do very well in renovating a small basement but will not be able to repair a broken bicycle and garage door opener.

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